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28mm Grey Waste Water Connectors


Part No: 1-81321   28mm Straight connector

Part No: 1-81322   28mm Rigid pipe to 28mm convoluted hose

Part No: 1-81323   28mm Convoluted hose for use with the connectors

Part No: 1-81324   28mm to 20mm (3/4″) reducer

Part No: 1-81325   28mm Elbow (90 degree) connector

Part No: 1-81326   28mm Angled (135 degree) connector

Part No: 1-81327   28mm ‘T’ connector

Part No: 1-81328   28mm ‘Y’ connector

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28mm Waste Water Connectors

All types of connectors for use with 28mm rigid waste pipe (usually grey) and adapters where stated for connection to convoluted (flexible hose).  The grey waste is from the sink and shower waste outlets and runs under the Caravan to outlet sockets that discharge in to a drain, a wastemaster or similar.

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28mm Waste water connectors

'T' Connector, 'Y' Connector, 135 degree connector, 28 – 28mm Rigid to convolute connector, 28-20mm Reducer, 90 Degree elbow, Convolute to connectors, Straight connector